Our system of government is a Democratic Republic. Our country is called the Aqua Republic of The Water Warriors(ARTWW). Here’s how our government works. There is the President, Vice President, Senator, then Citizen. Most people are citizens. To become a citizen, you just have to join the Water Warriors, and you are automatically one.
Here are some perks to being a citizen:

• Citizens get to vote.
• In coin lotteries, citizens get to choose two numbers, and everyone else only gets to choose one.
• Citizens are more respected and listened to within the TWW than any non-TWW people.
• Much more!
To become a Senator, we will vote. If ever Vice President steps down, we will have a vote for a new one. Votes are cast is comments, NOT polling websites. Our country includes:

Deep Freeze : Main server, home base. We mainly operate here.
Belly Slide: Embassy. Everyone can come here without troubles, even enemy armies.
Mittens: Training ground, to train recruits and drill.

MB= Main Base, B= Base, O= Outpost, E= Embassy, TG= Training Ground, NM= Non-Member Server, MNM= Main Non-Member Server

  • Snowflake: B, city.
  • Deep Freeze: MB, huge city.
  • Cold Front: B, city.
  • Frosty: B, town.
  • Breeze: B, city.
  • Frozen: B, city.
  • Mittens: TG, City.
  • Snow Drift: O, town
  • Wind Chill: O, town
  • Iceland: B, town
  • Ice Cold: O, town
  • Crunch: O, town
  • Boots: MNM, village
  • Ice Cave: NM, village
  • Belly Slide: E, countryside.
  • Sherbet: O: countryside.

Those are the size of our servers. We control all of Britain. Country Laws:

  1. No foul language.
  2. No random dating, like calling out “ABC WHO LOVES ME?”
  3. No terrorists.
  4. No rebellions.
  5. No robberies.
  6. No being mean or rude.
  7. Respect Leaders and Lords, and that means EVERYONE, in the TWW or not.
  8. No personal info.
  9. No enemies in the servers WE own(well not actually OWN, more like PROTECT, except Deep Freeze. That one we OWN), except the embassy.

We control(well not actually CONTROL, more like PROTECT, except Deep Freeze. That one we CONTROL) these servers, but we let other people in. Anyone can come in, except groups of enemy armies. No one is allowed to set up a base there, unless we give them a Land Grant for a certain server. When we give a Land Grant, we still control the server, but the other army can control it also. If we go to war with that army, the Land Grant can be ended, and we get the server back.

That’s all.

Waddle on,



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