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parties and celibrations

in the American Revolution what did the patriots (colonists) of the continental army have ? a  marching band! well, we’re going to have one to. here is what it will be made of.

  •  4 electric guitars (red or black)
  • 6 drumers
  • 4 tubas

thats our band


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our anthom

I have a  couple of ideas of what our armies anthom should be

enter the sandman

live to win

hamster dance

goffy goober rock

crazy frog

post a comment to vote

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the groups and powers

are army is set up like the American  government. we have 2 sections. the executive and the legeslative and.

the executive branch is made up from the leaders. we…

  • declare war.
  • approve and veto laws
  •  make some laws
  • and make a good army
  • recruit soldiers
  • call meetings.

the legeslative branch is made of the lords and generals. They can

  • make laws
  • brainstorm ideas

thats it for now,


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Our laws

here are some basics of being in a army

1. when in a war please stay in uniform that way I can tell you are a soldier and not a civilian.

2. fire snowballs at the ememy.

3. listen to what I or louistaina have to say for example if we say (T.W.W, to the cove, go to the cove)

4. follow the rules of club penguin

5. dont lie about you position

6. fight for justice, freedom and for club penguin (in other words don’t go power crazy)

If you follow theese rules you will…
1. get raised up a rank

2. get namanated for something you did.

If you don’t follow theese rules you will be…

1. dropped a rank

2. get a warning

3. get banned from the army

that’s all fo now


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our flag

This is a picture of our armies offical flagpicture-1.png

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