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please read all the info below

For soldiers in training

the tww handbook.

Who To Attack and Who Not To Attack

•    Never attack civilians
•    Never attack allies
•    Attack an enemy if a superior soldier orders you to
•    Attack someone who fired at you
•    Attack enemies unless they want to stop battling and want to make peace

Daily Responsibilities

•    Go to every day
•    Go to every day
•    Go to every day
•    Go to every day
•    Go to every day
•    Go to every day
•    Go to our capitol every day and protect it if it is in danger
•    OPTIONAL: Go to popular servers (like mammoth) to try to recruit soldiers
•    OPTIONAL: Go to for club penguin news

The right uniform

Some members of TWW are not sure of our uniform. So here is all the info:
If possible always wear this while in uniform:
•    Swim Goggles or Green Snorkle
•    Wetsuit
•    A water hold item
•    Scuba Tank
•    Any Flippers
(If you do not have one of them ignore it or make a substitute)

If you are missing a lot of these items depending on what season it is use one of these substitutes:

•    Snowsuit or suede jacket
•    Any color toque, Russian hat, or earflap cap
•    Snow shoes or wool socks
•    Ski goggles or snowflake mask
•    Any surfboard/wakeboard
(If you do not have one of them
ignore it or make a substitute)

•    Any baseball cap
•    Any sunglasses
•    Green Hoody
•    Tennis racket
•    Brown Sandals
(If you do not have one of them ignore it or make a substitute)

•    Flame surfboard or acoustic guitar
•    Any sunglasses
•    Grass skirt or any duck flotation device
•    Blue lei
•    Flower Headpiece
(If you do not have one of them ignore it or make a substitute)

Fall or autumn
•    Designer glasses
•    Any backpack
•    Astro-barrier shirt/star shirt/I love my puffle shirt
•    Any sneakers
•    Paddleball/silver wristwatch


•    Any shade of blue
•    Any water/ice/snow item(s)
•    Try to have a water-related background
•    Try to have a water-related pin

Where we meet

•    Our Capitol is in the U.K. server snowflake
•    We have two cities- one in U.K. Deep freeze and one in U.K. Frozen
•    Our training base is in the U.K. server mittens
•    If anything goes wrong in the above servers our backup server is Wind Chill
IMPORTANT: (We do not own these servers. We only protect them and train there. They are owned by the UMA who controls all of UK)

Our bases in U.K.

– Backup Base

– Capitol

– Cities

– Training Base

Our Mascot

A very new edition to TWW is our mascot. Sometimes he will be dancing and rooting for us in battles. At other times he will fight in battles. His username is Emplotion. This is what he will be wearing:

Be sure to give him care and respect. Remember he is our one and only mascot… But I am sure he will not mind us throwing snowballs at him for target practice.

Strategies of War

•    Do not clump together. This will make us look small. Try to spread out but not too much
•    Always chant “TWW”. This will make our army look bigger
•    Press T on your keyboard to throw a snowball
•    Some penguins believe in something called rapid-fire. You rapidly press T and click at someone you want to fire at. THIS DOES NOT WORK! To you the rapid-fire technique may seem like the deadliest weapon. But did you know that rapid-fire only shows up on your screen? On someone else’s screen it only shows you throwing one snowball
•    The fastest way to throw snowballs is to throw one then put up a target for another snowball. When your first snowball lands fire your second. Repeat this process
•    Always listen to superior soldiers
•    Always try to make alliances with other armies

Win or Lose

The way I see it you lose a battle if all soldiers from your army retreat or leave the battlefield. To win you have to make your opponent retreat. Some times armies disagree with each other on who wins or loses.

That is why our army has a referee. The ref will decide if we won or lost. The ref will be fair. If our opponent thinks the ref is wrong they can think that. The ref is only for TWW purposes.

The referee will always be a leader or lord. If not a leader or lord will assign a referee.

Here is the official referee uniform

Battle or Mission

There is a slight difference between a battle and a mission.

A battle is when two or more armies battle. First army to leave the battlefield loses.

A mission has an objective. Even if the opponent army did not leave you still won the mission if your objective was complete. This means that if both armies (If only two are fighting) have a mission and both of them complete their objective they both win.
Here is an example of an objective:

Objective – Invade enemy territory and protect civilians

Leader or Lord

In our army the highest rankings are Leaders and Lords. They have equal amount of power in the army. They are equally ranked. The only difference is the name. I know this is a strange ranking system but that is just the way it is. Currently there are two leaders and three lords:

Leaders                Lords
Louistania            Sammie1223
Pachydino            Gatorgirl185
The Jungle N


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