Water Warriors Back On Track!

February 5, 2008 at 11:20 pm 1 comment

Hello everyone! I’m sorry I’ve been away so long, but I haven’t had time to update this site. Anyway, I am updating a lot of stuff(especially the pages, lol) and soon the Water Warriors will grow, with the help of the new clothing catalog! Soon the site will become more famous, and we will become a major army, possibly make Britain into a nation! For now, to other armies in Britain, this is what I say: There are no official nations is Britain. Right now, everyone can just share the server. When we grow, we will create a nation there, but you can still stay and share the server, as long as you follow our FAIR rules. For now, I would like to list our MAJOR allies and enemies, just so no one is confused.


Nachos(about 300)

UMA(UWA)(about 1500)

ACP(about 3500)

RPF(about 2500)

Golds(about 100)

PBA(about 5 or 10)

Dark Raiders(about 15)

CPA(about 50)

UPFA(about 100)

Watex Warriors(about 3000)

CP Elite Squad(?)

Navy Seals(about 100)

Viking Empire(about 25)

Good American Romans(about 200)

Ice Warriors(about 100)

CPAF(about 50)

PRA(about 200)

GPR(about 100)Enemies:

All Dark Armies(about 100)

Gang Romans(about 100)

Gang Vikings(about 50)

Any other gangs(about 200)

Black Bandits(about 50)

Silver Surfers(about 50)

All rouge armies(about 100)

All rebellions against allies(about 50)

Dark Ops(about 30)

~Comments and Suggestions Welcome~

Waddle On,



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Thanks for the Memories glitches

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