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ranks and uniforms

his is how the rankings work.

Are leaders are me Pachydino, my friend louistaina and his Friend loop01. learders hold surfboards (any kind will do)

Lords are the same as leaders except the lords control one part of the army and the leaders control the other part. The lords are sammie1223, gatorgirl185 and The jungle N. Lords also hold surfboards of any kind

Generals are the rank below Leaders and Lords. Our generals are cptboot,Mike030597,Meir cat58 and Racegirll 2142. (Generals con hold wake boards of any kind)


Captains are the rank below generals. we have no captains so of you would like to become one please find me Pachydino. Captains hold wake boards just like generals


spys are a very important part of are army. there job is to infultraite and investigate other army’s meeting’s and wars. Then they come and tell us what they found out. are spy’s are jmani89. spy’s (can where anything) if you want to become a spy find me

soldiers are the main group of are army. Anyone can be a solder. just dress like what it says in the our uniform section of the website. (soldiers carry fishing rods)

P.S. follow the uniform under the post freezing up.


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parties and celibrations

in the American Revolution what did the patriots (colonists) of the continental army have ? a  marching band! well, we’re going to have one to. here is what it will be made of.

  •  4 electric guitars (red or black)
  • 6 drumers
  • 4 tubas

thats our band

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frezzing up

it’s winter Our uniforms on clearence? what do we do! I froze it up. In the winter we have a different uniform this is what it is

  • any color snowsuit or suede jacket
  • any color toqr, russian hat or earflop cap (if you have them
  • snow shoes (if you have them) or wool socks
  • ski gogels or snowflake mask (if yoy hane them
  • any surfboard or wakeboard

this is a picture of what it will look like


if you are a non-member this is the uniform

  • any type of blue penguin
  • any free Items that are winter related

here is a picture of a non-member penguin


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the begining plans of our war to take over England

since the army is almost ready I should inform all soldiers that I am starting to map out our battle plans for are invaison to take over English servers. The first server we will take over will be DEEP FREEZE!!!!. more posts comming soon

TWW move out!


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our anthom

I have a  couple of ideas of what our armies anthom should be

enter the sandman

live to win

hamster dance

goffy goober rock

crazy frog

post a comment to vote

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club penguin pokemon series.

yes yes this is weird, club penguin pokemon episodes?

see them for you self

heres the first episode

here is episode two

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the groups and powers

are army is set up like the American  government. we have 2 sections. the executive and the legeslative and.

the executive branch is made up from the leaders. we…

  • declare war.
  • approve and veto laws
  •  make some laws
  • and make a good army
  • recruit soldiers
  • call meetings.

the legeslative branch is made of the lords and generals. They can

  • make laws
  • brainstorm ideas

thats it for now,


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